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I want to start this edition of locker room note off by congratulating "The Miracle" Mike Bennett on becoming the new NEWA Heavyweight Champion on Oct 3 in Holbrook Ma....Mike defeated former Champion Big Brian Rogers in a great one on one contest...No one has grown more as a wrestler and performer then "The Miracle" has...Congrats and good luck with your reign...October 3 in Holbrook was a disappointment when it came to crowd size, but in ring was the best show NEWA has ever done.....We are working really hard to get more people into the building for our next show there on Sunday Nov 14th....We have a special match on the MWF Soul Survivor show the night before our show in Billerica Ma. MWF will be putting on a tremendous show featuring "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala and "Ace" Cowboy Bob Orton, appearances by "Goldust" Dustin Rhodes, Former WWF Champion The Iron Sheik as well as all the MWF stars....The NEWA has signed NEWA Champion "The Miracle" Mike Bennett to face off against Brian Cairo's mystery opponent for the NEWA Title....Could there be a new NEWA Champion going into Nov 14th?...You must come and check out Soul Survivor in Billerica...visit MWF at .... The NEWA TV Title tournament is scheduled for Nov 14 it will feature 4 of the top TV Title contenders facing each other in singles matches with the winners facing each other in a singles match to determine the new champion....Former TV Champ The Mighty Mini quit working for the NEWA Oct 3 after he felt he was wrongly stripped of his title, wrongly eliminated from the NEWA Title battle Royal and then he felt he was cheated in his match with Nick Logan.....Brian Cairo had some sort of hand in this abrupt decision by Mini...Will NEWA BOD spokeswoman Sarah Sullivan try and bring Mini back?. .We shall see....Brian Cairo is left without anyone to manage at the moment...Rumor has it after a major death in his family, Big Brian Rogers has gone into hiding....From what I was told Roger's is in a deep depression after the death and losing his NEWA Title....The only person he has spoken to has been Brian Cairo, when he informed him of his decision to go into hiding....How will this impact Brian Cairo? Does he have a backup plan?...Grayson Pierre Alexander & Preston Henry Dufass shocked those in attendance on Oct 3 with their pro-Canadian stance....One person who was shocked was Grayson's Former friend and opponent on that day, Pat Masters....Masters tried his best to defeat Alexander, but could not overcome the interference of PHD, who helped Grayson score his first major pin fall victory....Pat Masters has vowed payback and could be heard saying Grayson and Preston will regret ever turning their backs on him and the United States.....Damien Darkside debuted a monster team on Oct 3rd called The Big Island Boys....These two behemoths destroyed an unlucky tag team and took the breath away of the fans in attendance....The shocking twist to this situation is Damien Darkside has decided not even he could control these monsters and has sold their contracts to an unknown corporation looking to make an impact in the NEWA....Speaking of the Tag Team scene, I cant think of the last time I saw such great tag action as I did on Oct 3rd...I was in awe as I watched Jason Blade & Jose Perez face Maverick Wild & Dr Heresy, what a match.... Then the Logan Brothers who were earlier stripped of the NEWA Tag Titles recaptured them in another classic encounter with Jason Blade & Jose Perez....The tag team scene in the NEWA is definitely strong and only getting better, if your a fan of tag team wrestling you should make it a point to catch an NEWA show.....Dr Heresy has stated in talks with NEWA BOD spokeswoman Sarah Sullivan that he is going to ruin Jason Blades career for costing him the NEWA Tag Team Titles….Last but not least I want to talk about a couple of gentlemen who made a HUGE impact on Oct 3rd, The Woman Pleasah George Caesar and Paul Lombardi, these two injured Chase Del Monte, Sparkles and Todd Hanson and vowed that they have only just begun....I have never seen such potential for impact as I have with these two men....Rumor has it they are looking to bring in other friends to help them take prove why they are the best this area has to offer...Lombardi has long been a very under rated competitor in this area and Caesar is really coming into his own...They seem to have a thirst for violence and will stop at nothing to achieve greatness....I am looking forward to seeing more from these two.....The NEWA returns to The Dalton Club on Sunday Nov 14 with a 2pm bell time check in to for all the latest news and updates....Don’t not forget to check out the message board also, positive or negative we love the feedback......